Academician Kang Le, Professor Wan Shiqiang and Professor Liu Yankui are Granted as the Most Cited Chinese Researchers in 2019 by Elsevier


Recently, Elsevier, the world-famous publisher, has released its list of 2019 Most Cited Chinese Researchers, nominating 2,163 most influential Chinese researchers from total 242 colleges, research institutes and enterprises. Professor Kang Le, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, member of the Academy of Sciences for the Developing World, and principal of HBU, is selected into the list of Agriculture and Bioscience. Wan Shiqiang, dean of our College of Life Science is chosen into the list of Environmental Science, he is also one of the Chang Jiang Scholars. Professor Liu Yankui, from our College of Mathematics and Information Science, is accepted in the list of Computer Science. All three of them have been continuously granted by Elsevier for 6 times since 2014.


The list, 2019 Most Cited Chinese Researchers, is based on the data from Scopus, a date base of Elsevier. Through big data technology, Elsevier analyzed the data from Scopus, and finally selected 2,163 Chinese researchers from 38 research areas, including environmental science, physics, chemistry, mathematics and economics. Scopus is the largest database of indexes and summaries from peer-reviewed academic papers, including more than 22,000 journals and 7 million academic and conference papers from over 5,000 publishers. These papers cover a variety of research fields, such as natural science, technology, medicine, social science, arts and humanities.


The selected researchers are those whose papers are much more frequently cited, compared with other scholars form the same research field. They published these cited papers as a first author or a corresponding author. Such significantly higher frequency, of being cited, reflects that these researchers are world influential in their research fields, and have greatly contributed to the development of these fields.